XF 1.2 Images Missing


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all, my images are missing after the move, I can see them in the data / internal data folder and they are permissioned to 777 and still can't see them on my site?


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The error occurs in these situations:
        $filePath = $attachmentModel->getAttachmentDataFilePath($attachment);
        if (!file_exists($filePath) || !is_readable($filePath))
So the things to check:
  1. That you haven't specified any alternative paths in your config.php.
  2. That the attachment files are in the internal_data directory in the correct directory structure.
  3. That the attachment files themselves (and all parent directories) are readable by PHP. You mention the folder permissions, but you want to make sure the correct permissions are on the files as well. (You'll want 0666 or 0777.)


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Can you disable all add-ons and confirm that it still happens?

If so, submit a ticket with FTP details and I'll have a look.