Images blurry when logged out


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Is this by design? What is best practice? I was thinking that if someone lands on a page via Google and the image is blurred, they may just bounce straight off the page.


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If guests don't have permission to view attachments, they will only see a thumbnail.

Presumably that's what you're referring to?


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The original width of that image is 150 px (thumbnail I would gather), it is then styled to have a width of 902 px, that's why it is blurred.
It's crystal clear when logged in.

Have you embedded it rather than attached it?
I just copied an image to the clipboard, then pasted it into the quick reply area. So I don't know if that is classes as embedded or not.

In edit mode, this is what I see:


I just pasted in that image too, just like I do on my forum.


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The issue is that the attachment appears to have a width explicitly applied to it. That could've been from it being resized in the editor, I'm not entirely sure. (I don't get one when pasting an image in, though there might be different paths for this.) That width is then used even for users that can't view the full size image due to permissions.

So two options: 1) allow guests to view attachments; or 2) remove the width from the attachment in the post. You can do this by editing it, clicking on the image and selecting the change size option from the popup:


I've actually just made a change in 2.2 that will explicitly ignore dimensions on attachment thumbnails in this situation, so that will avoid the scaling issue in the future.


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I think everybody has misread my initial post. I already know how to make sure its not blurry to guests. I am talking about what is best practice, to show blurry or non-blurry to logged out visitors.