XF 1.5 Images blow out on Mobile and Computer.

So we have images set to 960x960 and enable responsive design, but when on a phone if you click the picture gets huge and goes from mobile size forum to desktop size forum and breaks it all. It also does this on desktop view also.

Any ideas why?

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Why is it broken?

Maybe you need it bigger to see the original size instead of right click open in new tab....


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Tapping on the image above allows for inspection on a mobile.

Sure it sort of breaks the template until the user is finished inspecting the image.

If the image above was clearer you would be able to read off the brand names...


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If I tap on the image in attached rather than the link I get a lightbox.

Anyhow I'm sure there has to be a CSS fix to stop the image expanding.

I'll have a look when I'm on desktop. On mobile at the moment.