Image search to find threads instead of thread search to find images!


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Ok, maybe this has been discussed before, but I have to get it own in print before I forget it.

A really neat add-on or core feature would be to have a system where images were searched for. The images would then tie back, if desired, to threads which would be relevant.

As I picture it, the idea would work like this. New indexes would be built using the images and then their reference to the threads there are in...this is somewhat opposite to the current search, which doesn't care about images at all. Some basic logic of the words in the post and thread and title would be massaged to determine the relevance of the image to the search .

Then users could search normally - or switch to "image search" (somewhat like goog). Once they found images they could simply look at them or tie back to the posts and threads there are in.

I hope I described it enough! In actual use, it would work like this. I visit a car forum and want to see pictures of 1959 Jaguars, so I switch to image search and find all pics associated with those words. Obviously many pics in that set will not be of the exact car - because there could easily be other cars in the same threads - but with a smart enough indexing (weighting on the title of the thread - on how many times in the thread the word exists, etc.)....

Once I say the pictures I liked, I could - if desired - click back to get to the thread they are in.

This seems superior to the current situation where results of the text are returned and then I'd have to go through each thread one by one to find which contained the right pics!



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It's useful feature. Sometime I also use Google Image to do a similar thing.
I like it.