Image Resizing Details

When a large photo (10MB) is uploaded, how is it handled?

In other words, is it resized during upload and saved in the smaller version. Or is the original (full sized) saved on the server and then resized for different viewing options?

Also, I noticed when viewing photos on your site that all the photos in a thread become available when using the Lightbox when only one thumbnail is clicked on for viewing. I have some threads where there are hundreds of photos in a particular thread. Is there some way to limit the Lightbox to only display those photos in that post?
Wow - as someone considering the switch from vB to XF, that was the fastest I ever had a support question answered from any software company. Thanks

And sorry for not seeing my answer in the FAQs - I've just spent several hours here reading, learning, and test driving the Demo - a lot to absorb in a first sitting. But very impressed so far. Thanks Again.


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No worries.

The FAQs cover quite a lot but if anything's not clear or you need clarification on anything, feel free to ask any questions you need.
One more quickie then if I may so I can sleep on all this new info. :)

I changed the color pallets in the Demo, and thought I had saved them. Are these theme changes active in the Demo?


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Yes, any changes you make to the style should be saved.

What did you change and how did you save it?
Thanks again for the ultra-fast response.

I'll check again before I bother you for another answer - I will probably have a few more as it looks as if I may be changing over. I don't want to wear out my welcome yet. :)

I'm sure I just overlooked something - it's all so new. I should be able to figure it out now that I know it should work.