XF 1.4 Image Proxy Failing in Random Instances


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I recently switched a site over to SSL and enabled the link/image proxies, but am having an issue where the image proxy is randomly failing.


The second (working) image and the third (broken) image are both gif links from giphy.com, but the proxy link failed to work for the third image.

The data-urls for both links are both correct and work fine. Any ideas why the Image Proxy failed in this instance? (There are other cases across the site as well)

Tom McIntyre

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Is there a way to disable image caching? We import all images on our site. We are trying to fix a number of import errors and it appears that our edits are being corrupted by the cache process. (Really just a guess at this point)

I have been using direct database edits to replace the bad references for correct ones that initially look like URL's but will be replaced with attachments by our use of Convert Image All. Something is causing these fixes to disappear a few hours after they have been done.


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The image proxy is a view-time only thing, so anything that works on the URLs in a post directly won't be affected. But no, there's no way to disable caching with the proxy short of disabling it.