Image Proxy - Exclude X Forums


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I was curious if it's possible to exclude images from the Image proxy. I know it's not by default, but wondering if the code could be modified as such.

Ability: Being able to monitor the Image Proxy Log of public forums only to make sure people are not embedding images that violate our policies in public forums and also to abide with our advertiser requests (read: Adsense).

Problem: 1000s of images a day scroll through our proxy each day. Many of them are the same ones in our private forums we do not need to monitor for policies.

Benefits: Being able to ignore or not see private forum images in the log would allow us to watch our logs in detail for any public forum violations and not see 100s or 1000s of the same 'bad' images in our private forums.


Good - Ignore X forums for Caching
Best - Log the thread the cache is requested from so its displayed in Image Cache Log (I think I read this is not doable at present).

Thanks for any insight!!


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I haven't checked the code but I suspect it would be possible with an add-on to exclude certain forums from the proxy function.