XF 1.5 How to exclude selected domains from the XF Image Proxy or set them to *daily* re-cache?


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I'm moving CycleChat to https shortly and need to find a solution to our member's mileage tickers - images they use in their forum signature that show their mileage progress throughout the year.

I would like to proxy images indefinitely so that we retain a copy on the CC server.

I would like to disable re-caching so that we don't lose images that have been removed from the source.

I'm aware that those two settings will stop the proxy updating the ticker images in signatures, rendering them useless.

How do I modify the proxy to either ignore the few domains that the tickers are being served from, or better still re-cache from the ticker domains on a daily or weekly basis?

I appreciate that a 'solution' will likely involve modifying the code of proxy.php or its component parts, but I'm comfortable with doing that (and re-applying it after updates).

Any help much appreciated. :)

Shaun :D