Fixed Image manipulations result in unviewable image

Affected version
2.0.0 beta 1


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Any manipulations I attempt on an image (so far I have tried rotation and flipping different images), results in an unviewable image - the image is no longer displayed when viewing the media item - however, I can see the manipulation was successfully applied to the thumbnail.

Viewing the file in internal_data/attachments, I can see that the manipulation has actually been correctly applied to the .data file, but somehow XFMG has lost track of it.

Looking at what happens in the database and on the file system when media is edited, I note that the file_hash in xf_attachment_data changes after editing, but the files on disk do not change their filename to match that hash.

I don't think this is a file system permission error - my web server has full write access to those files and paths.

Chris D

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This should be sorted now and sorted here.

If you re-upload your image and try again it should work now.