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I know that it is possible to assign an image to a usergroup in place of the normal banner but I have no idea how this is done. So if anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it greatly.
Are you referencing the banner to be images? If so, maybe
Ok I had a look at both those threads and this is what I have but it does not work. I do have multiple styles so I checked to make sure I am on the style that I am working on. I even tried it on the XF Default style no go.

I added this code to the last line of my extra.less

.badge--donate {
    background: url('images/donate.png') no-repeat;
    height: 65px;
    text-indent: -999999px;
    width: 65px;

The Usergroup looks like this.


What I did notice it messes with the top menu on the right by placing bars between the different options.

The code you have should work, I just tried it.

No issues with the top menu either.

Assuming without the code, the premium member banner is showing as expected I would suggest you test it on a default style. If it works there, then maybe something in your style is messing with it.
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Yes this works fine


I tried a few other things but it still does not work on my setup so I have no idea what else I could use or do to get this working again.
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