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XF 1.5 Image Attachment Quality

Tiki Tiki

Active member
I need to be able to attach jpg images at 100% quality. The default xenForo installation appears to be doing quite a bit of compression as I'm seeing a ton of artifacts. How do I adjust this? I found a few instances in Abstract.php, Gd.php (/Image) and Pecl.php (Image/ImageMagick) that reference '$quality = 85,' but changing them to '$quality = 100' doesn't appear to be working. Am I missing something?

I currently have the Image Processor set to GD. ImageMagick looks like it's producing slightly better quality images, but I'm not sure it's fully working, as I get a 'Fatal Error: Execution Time Exceeded' message if I try to upload an animated image as an avatar.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Changing that value (which I wouldn't necessarily recommend BTW) would change the quality provided it's not being overwritten elsewhere. Attachments would use it. However, this is really just an internal value to GD, so it may not export at the levels you want. If you need to control this very specifically, you'll really need to do the resize/compression yourself so the server isn't the one doing the resize.