XF 1.3 Image Alignment Options?


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Inline images is a core feature in XenForo. Just click on Upload a File and insert them, like so:

Toan 2.png

Unless I'm misunderstanding your question.
There are no alignment options however. So if I want to write a paragraph around a picture, I can't.

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Hrm, trying to create a new BBCode and I get:

The following error occurred:
Please enter an ID using only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ characters.

There is no field 'ID' that I can see.
I spoke too soon, that added the float left and right BBCodes but they don't work.

Once I added style="float: right;" to the BBCode that took care of it, of course I could define the style ctaBbcodeFloatRight in extra.css but I'm not sure there's a clear advantage to that since I don't forsee reusing that style.
Also the BBCode added to the toolbar in the editor but didn't load a graphic, I'm not sure I understand the value imported on the advanced tab that I think is supposed to add the graphic.

Nevermind... got it.