I'm sorta new to this

I have a question. So if I buy a XenForo license, do I need an external host in order to run this, or can I just pay the $140 and have the forums at hand and ready to go for the year without an external hosting service?

Just wondering since I have seen many forums with XenForo and am considering attempting to get it.


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I'm not familiar with any hosts so unfortunately not.

For a new forum, shared hosting should suffice, as long as it isn't massively oversold.


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During my initial years I used free hosting at byethost, which was great. You have to check whether they meet all the php requirements of xenforo, but i presume they do because their paid plans (distributed by the name ifastnet, I currently use them) meet all the criteria, and i don't remember any difference in terms of php extension support between free and paid plans.