I'm not a fanboy, really :D


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Awesome tags dude :D Way to go!

Ninja edit:
'Corse in British mode I must say:
Well! I do approve of that numberplate Sir. Well done, I say, well done :)


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See my ninja edit

'nother ninja edit:
Then turn up your monitor brightness (I almost missed it first time around)

Anthony Parsons

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I just wish cars here where as cheap as other countries...

BMW X5 M - £80,000 = $128,000 Australian.
BMW X5 M - US$85,000 = $84,400 Australian.
BMW X5 M - $192,000 Australian starting price.

Our taxes seriously suck for buying cars compared to other regions of the world. The damn price our X3 cost, we could buy a top of the range 7 series in the USA. Damn it!


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Nice car ... and yes, you're a total fanboi ... but it's okay, so are the rest of us (well, apart from the fangurlz that is!!!) ;)

There's a white BMW I pass in a local village that has the ideal registration mark for K/A/M:




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I bought a new car this weekend, and the dealer came out and told me that my old tags were pretty bent up (from a car accident) and asked if I still wanted them to be transferred to my new car or to be given a new set. I decided to take the new set, which were given to me luck of the draw. It must be a sign o_O
hmm...that neighborhood looks familiar