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Why is it that people have so much free time to create drama and just make everything so complicated on the freaking internet? I understand people make living out of their business and what not, but seriously, can people get a freaking break and breath some fresh air? There are also important things outside of the internet that will affect your quality of life and help you see who you really are.

People, you got to start thinking that every time you create drama, you create consequences, like it or not, it affects those who care and don't care about it.

While the case is not over with IB, I don't see things very positively, and unfortunately EVERYONE, the whole freaking "internet forum" communities will suffer. That's the communities you frequent everyday to see your games, your hobbies, your future business, and many others. Making more problems out of what there already is you're risking your future on anything related to these type of businesses/communities.

Please, quit the whining, complaining, drama and move on with your life and do what you want to do. There is no need to take the whole world with you if you don't like your life.

Anyways, best of luck to everyone and hopefully we all stay afloat, the times are not good ones on the world or the internet, lets try and put our positive thoughts and feelings and move on with life.



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Isn't it slightly ironic that you are posting this then? just sayin...
I don't really participate in these type of communities anymore which I used to enjoy very much, lot of my childhood was spent playing with Ikonboard, IPB, vB, phpBB, SMF, MyBB, WBB, etc. It used to be a fun place where you could join, meat people looking to learn programming, internet business and what not, now I cannot stay two minutes here before threads and attitudes exactly like this right now (no offense), when someone posts someone to try and be positive it's immediately linked to sarcastic, retarded, hypocritical, ironic, and the whole train of thought is lost, again.

Until that stupid attitude is changed with everyone and people spend more time outside and breath some fresh air, it'll never go away, computers and internet are not everything, at the end of the day, if this stuff keeps going, it makes sense why people like Obama or Romney are even there up for being 'president'. It just defines how our culture and way of being has changed so much from the last 10 - 20 years, we're going to end up in a ****hole, in my opinion.

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**** it, I give up. Good luck!
Taking it way too seriously.

I often find myself replying to posts that bother me then delete them within a few minutes.
The more people spend online, the less they develop social skills.
Just look at Facebook. Someone posts something terrible that has happened and people like it instead of taking a few minutes to leave a comment.
A lack of social skills.
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