Illegal Images On My Forum ?


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Need some help on the use of images ? If you look at my forum banner at the top... What image laws am I breaking there ? If I am... What can I do ? I mean what kind of banner can I upload ? What images can I use. Rather not be sued/fined... Thanks :)
Why would you be sued or fined?

That would only happen if you're using artwork or other resources that you don't own or don't have permission to use. That's the only rule really.
I don't think Nintendo or Microsoft would sue you because you have pics of their characters in your banner. Technically they can request that you take their pics down but chance of this happening is 0,0001%
So, If I re-uploaded a banner or a similar banner I photo shopped together that would be fine ? Because the forum is non profit, i'm not selling the banner, not making money ect... ? That would be cool ?
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