Other IGN Video BB Code


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No, not working anymore. Several BB Codes don't work anymore. I'm probably gonna have to look on other forum solutions.
It's easy to add without addons

Go to-> BB Code Media Site
Put this line under:
Site URL: http://www.ign.com
Match URLs:
Embed HTML:
<iframe src="http://widgets.ign.com/video/embed/content.html?url=http://www.ign.com/videos/*/*/*/{$id}" width="468" height="263" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Don't forget to fill other fields and of course check "Show this site on the list of 'supported' sites shown to visitors".
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I don't know how many locations of video files they have, I created this example for this one only:
If there others you may add them line by line simply.


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I took some time to run through another check of all the bbcodes and to add one requested for paypal buttons.

At this point I would like for someone/a couple people who has/have time to test all the bbcodes to see if they can catch anything that I missed.

Anyone interested let me know, I could release it right now, but I would rather have a person willing to test it first so that the rest of the folks who may not have time to mess around will know that they are getting something that works 100%

Thanks ahead of time.
No one responded back wanting to test them, so it appeared to not be a priority though IGN is fixed for the next release.

I will update as soon as at least one other set of eyes tests them all.