Lack of interest If the image is smaller than the thumbnail size, can the image be used as the thumbnail?


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For images that are typically small, like smilies, and the dimensions of the images are smaller than the designated thumbnail size, can the actual image be used instead of the system generated thumbnail? What is happening currently is that the small images are getting 'blown up' and look distorted when viewing the thumbnails.

Attached is a screenshot showing an example of the problem at hand.


Chris D

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There's no solution, as such, right now. It is something I've been aware of from the start and generally my point of view is that these types of images aren't good candidates for content within a gallery. Browsing through an album of smilies just feels like a bit of a weird use case for me.

That said, it's not an unreasonable suggestion and there are potentially better ways of handling it, so I've moved the thread to the Suggestions forum for now.