If Make Forums "Not Postable" - never becomes postable again

If you make your forums so that noone can post in them (uncheck "Allow New Posts") - then check it again - It says "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)"

I am the Administrator - so if I check that - it should still allow admins to post anyway!

But yes, now it is checked again ("Allow New Posts") and it still says I have insufficient permissions.

I truly feel like if this was a widespread bug others would report it - so what do you think could be causing this not to refresh like it should?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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I have been unable to reproduce this problem on my forum. Try disabling any addons you have installed. One of them might be at fault. Also check your posting permissions for your user and usergroup.

If the problem persists then I can take a look if you give me admin access.
I'm experiencing a similar issue (You have insufficient privileges to post here) with one of my category nodes and its child nodes. It's the top/first node on my tree. All of the other nodes appear fine.

As the super admin, I have my permissions all set to "Allow." The nodes in question are all set to "Inherit." The threads were locked, so I unlocked them with no improvement. I turned off all of the add-ons with no result.

Any ideas?
Thanks Jake,

Not that I couldn't have missed something, but I've checked the permissions three times. I just double check, or is it quadrupled checked and I have no "Never" permissions checked. With regard to the the nodes in question, they are the only nodes that are visible to guests, but they are locked. I did unlock them to see if that was the problem, but it wasn't.

I've recently added XenPorta (thanks for the great add-on) and micro cart, but as I said I disabled all of my add-ons with no change.

Do you have any other thoughts? Thanks!

Jake Bunce

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And of course check this:

Admin CP -> Applications -> Display Node Tree -> [click the forum] -> Forum Options: Allow new messages to be posted in this forum