If I were the XenForo developer...


At this moment I'll be crazy for sure with all the bugs regarding this beta of 1.2

I think @Mike is doing an excellent job however we should do our best to properly test our findings about possible bugs before reporting them and check if these are not duplicate as a way to help him to relax... if we keep reporting without self-control then we're going to make him get very stressed and that isn't going to be good for him, for us nor for the forum world because XenForo is without any doubts the best forum software ever created.

I can see that the future of XenForo is very bright. In fact, I think that XenForo is going to revitalize many forums that are suffering from lost of activity from their members due to the lack of interactivity that their current forum software has (other than XenForo). Also, XenForo makes forum administrators to recover their own lost of interest in their communities.

For all of this, I think that XenForo is way more than a forum software, it's an internet revolution. It's the evolution of forums!

Keep it up @Mike and hope @Kier could join back to the development soon, if 1.2 is that good with only one developer working on it I can't imagine what 1.3 is going to be if instead of one there are two genius working on it :)


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Kier hasn't left the development team. Mike has just taken over the public discussion during 1.2.

Also, since fixes are rolled out here constantly, bugs can be fixed as we are reporting them. As a software developer (with fortune 500 clients) the flurry of bug reports aren't what causes stress. Its more or less the difficulty in debugging and fixing them. I'm sure Mike and Kier are both happy these are being found and reported *before* they release beta 1 (giving a much better product).

Mike Edge

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@Kier had mentioned in a thread the other day about a house move and several big boxes still left to unpack. If in the event he is inactive atm and not just behind the scenes this new build, that is why. Moving a home can be very time consuming. He is indeed still part of the team though!


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What @Mike Edge said. We know Kier's still actively developing XenForo alongside Mike - look in the bug reports forum if you want proof of that. Let's not start another "waaah where's our developers" debacle. >>


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One can only dream..:p

Meh I'd personally just rather they focus on FORUM software than turning it into a CMS, which isn't even closely related to a forum (its comparable to adding a blog to an e-commerce system - its a different type of product, and should be kept separate if you advertise your product as an e-commerce system)