XF 2.1 If all reactions are disabled, reaction tooltip still opens

Please reference this previous thread where the bug is marked as fixed.

I'm experiencing this issue again on version 2.1.1 Beta 2 (whichever was enabled for my account last month):


I essentially want to not have the reactions system and carry on with just "Likes." So I've disabled all reactions except likes, but still get this behavior when hovering the Like link.
Long story short, between both my Xenforo expiring and my Theme payment expiring, and a bunch of confusion between the admins enabling me to test a beta and the theme dashboard not showing me the newest version, I had managed to upgrade Xenforo while downgrading the theme. That's why this re-appeared.

If anyone see's something like this occurring, make sure your theme and your xenforo installation versions match. I ended up on 2.1.2 on the forum and 2.1 Beta 2 on the theme (instead of 2.1.1 Beta 2 on both). Now I'm on 2.1.2 on both and all is well.