Identities not showing


I think I must be missing something. I'm not seeing any identity information for members. Even for myself. If I click on my profile photo I get the pop-up. I then select "Profile Page and that takes me to my profile with 4 tabs:
  • Profile Posts
  • Recent Activity
  • Postings
  • Information

Clicking on Information I see under About:
  • Gender
  • Home page
  • Location
That's it. I would expect to see the information I've provide on the Contact Details page of my settings. (like the URLs to my pages on Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter).

So.... what am I not doing right?


Thanks for the reply. I just put an entry in AIM for my account on this board, and made sure privacy setting are correct, and it shows up as it should on the info tab in my profile.

But when I do the same on the Xenforo board I admin, it doesn't show up. Screenshots of my settings and info tab:


Edit those fields can check the Display Location:

Admin CP -> Users -> Custom User Fields

The Display Location should be "Contact Details" for what we are calling "identity" fields.

Also try reverting this template if it is customized:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> member_view

If the problem persists then send me a URL and admin login. I will take a look.
Thank you Jake. I checked Display Location and it was already set correctly. The template was customized and I reverted it. That fixed the problem.
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