Ideas for new features


New Function:
  • Make a real wall out of private messages like in Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • A function who can see my profile messages would be nice.
  • Likewise sharing in other profiles.
  • Adding activity or how I'm feeling.
  • Add hashtags everywhere including in posts.


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Are you asking for help with developing these features, or do you want someone to develop them for you?


That may be true, but Xenforo brings so much more with it.
Xenforo also has to keep up with the times, the profile messages also came at some point, unfortunately very late.

The forum developers and I think everyone should have developed the most important functions better from the beginning,
unfortunately you missed it so the forums die out more and more.


See the success of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ticktok etc and then watch the forums die...
it's because a lot of the features were taken over too late.

Out of 100 forum owners, 90 would use the feature and the other 10 can turn it off.

I don't need Apple and Huawei either, but it's there..

Max Taxable

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With the appropriate functions, it would never have come to this.
It took way too long to get fully responsive and mobile friendly. The avalanche of smart phone proliferation wasn't fully understood for awhile. Once it was, response was slow in coming.