I will open my forum soon. Take a Peek.


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*stays calm and wipes eyes* Ouch. I like the design, just that... it's... too bright.

Lots of forums, too. Very private.... veeeeeeery private. ;)


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I quite like the bright and strong colours (you might want to change the forum icons for something stronger too!), but with everything still closed we're not really able to comment on any of the other design elements.
Use same colors but make them Much lighter like water colors and your look will be fine. Also with that many forums and threads, I'd also add some Advertising banners between many so you can make some income from the forum.

keep up the good work, Looks very nice.


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Unless you have a huge group of people ready to join and post, you have way too many forums for a new site.
As the saying goes "KISS" :)

The Colors may look alright, it's a creation of your desires. Being an administrator is not necessarily about following the rest of the herd, otherwise you're just regurgitating.

Chris D

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Yes, very unusual.

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