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I want Tapatalk on this forum!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Unfortunately, the chances of a non-XenForo add-on being made available here at XenForo.com are incredibly slim.

I personally hate Tapatalk and even though it's installed on a lot of forums I visit, I never use it. I often prefer navigating the site on my phone on the default style.

I do see the appeal, though. I think the only way it will happen is if XenForo bundle it as a core add-on or feature.

Something tells me the won't strike up a deal with Forum Runner any time soon...

Adam Howard

Well-known member
These days I use Tapatalk on every forum I visit. If it didn't have Tapatalk, I don't want to read it.
We use TapaTalk on Socially Uncensored and to my surprise I found that Google Chrome support has been added. I can now use it even without a mobile phone.

It would be cool to see it added here, but I would assume that XenForo has no plan on it. They want to keep it on a stock install, which is understandable. And in the future there "maybe" a mobile skin or app, which I doubt adding Tapatalk would help promote.

Brandon Sheley

Well-known member
I hate getting that stupid popup when I visit websites on my phone asking me to download it.
I hate that if you're going towards a thread url and get the alert, that I'm not able to download it and go right to that thread ;)

I use tapatalk on my forums and a few dozen other members do to, I dig it but doubt a 3rd party tool would ever be added here.