XF 1.2 I want redirect URL.

Hello everybody !!

I need help from you
Before I use useralbum addon. Address form : http://domain.com/useralbum/

Now,i unstalled it and use other add-ons.So,i need redirect URL
Because i unstalled "useralbum addon",so Route Filters don't work.( i tried )

I want rewrite URL.
domain.com/useralbum/.... --> domain.com/list/photos/......

Ex: http://domain.com/useralbum/my-photo.1 ---->> http://domain.com/list/photos/my-photo.1
http://domain.com/useralbum/my-forum.2 ---->> http://domain.com/list/photos/my-forum.2

And domain.com/useralbum/albums/.... -->>domain.com/list/albums/....

Ex: http://domain.com/useralbum/albums/my-friend.1 -->> http://domain.com/list/albums/my-friend.1
http://domain.com/useralbum/albums/my-house.2-->> http://domain.com/list/albums/my-house.2

I think i need to create folder " useralbum" on hosting and use .htaccess

Can you help me???
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I'm not sure why you can't use route filters. Set them up as they would work normally, then select the incoming URL conversion option.