I swear that celebrities are becoming more stupider


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JORDAN proved she was Price-less in France yesterday with a bizarre rant on the country.
The model is in Paris with hubby Alex Reid to celebrate his birthday – even though she described a recent break there as “the worst holiday of my life”.
In a bonkers attack she moaned: “Everything was in French.
“The food was shocking. It was appalling – a complete and utter rip-off. And it was full of French people.”
Jordan – real name Kate Price – was discussing a recent trip to Disneyland Paris. And the publicity-hungry model stunned fans even more by revealing: “The only good thing was because most of them were French, I didn’t get recognised all the time.”
But Jordan, 31, may not have had time to explore the city this time – as she admitted the trip for Alex’s 35th birthday was a “second honeymoon” which she hopes will spice up their marriage.
And unlike the couple’s first honeymoon in Thailand, which was filmed for their reality show Katie and Alex: For Better For Worse, this romantic break was away from the cameras.
A source said: “Paris is the city of love and they are still trying for a baby so might not have seen that much of it!”
P.S: The title was purposely grammatically incorrect :cool: