I still dont understand how or what to upload for theme


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The manual did not help me nor did a search on how to install a theme. People just kept saying 'upload the files.' Where do I upload the files, what folder??
and how do I install it? Brand new to this.. With wordpress, you just upload a zip and then bam its done... i guess it can't be that easy here.

But what do I upload and where.
Xenforo themes will come with a style.xml install file. Use the following theme as a reference: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/minecraft-free-theme.993/

1. Download the zip archive - unpack it.
2. Upload the "mineforo" folder to your forum root styles/ directory.
3. Import the .xml file via your AdminCP ==> Appearance ==> Import a Style ==> select the style-Minecraft.xml ==> click the Import button.
4. Done!

HTH ;)

If using an FTP client like filezilla, you can just select both of those folders and upload them to your forum root. They will merge with the existing folders. Easy and one step.
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