I read about permissions but where is it set by default?


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I went to the 'User Group Permissions' page. Opened both user group name and group info page. However when I see the 'Forum Moderator Permissions' they are all set to 'Not Set (No)'.

So where is the moderator permission set if it is not there in the user group?

I thought the default usergroups will have the standard permissions set by default.

Damn I thought I had figured out permissions but now again I am baffled. :(


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There are no default settings as such, just set them to whatever you want.

The moderating user group is just like any other user group.
Adding a user to the Moderating user group does not make them a moderator, it only accords the user title and permissions associated with that user group.
Set the moderator permissions when you make someone a moderator and set any additional permissions for the moderating user group as required.

These may help: