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XF 1.2 I need more width for user custom field


Well-known member
I have set up a custom user field for GnuPG public key, but it looks broken, it needs more width.

How can I do extend the width of it?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
So is it the physical width you need to increase or the number of characters which can be accepted in the field?

I just entered 64 characters in a custom field on my own site with no issues - all of the characters were visible too.


Well-known member
With the help of Brogan I have managed to solve this setting:

.contactInfo, .aboutPairs - set to 730px
.contactInfo dt, .aboutPairs dt - set to 35%
.contactInfo dd, .aboutPairs dd - set to 70%


Well-known member
I have changed the percentage like this:

.contactInfo dt, .aboutPairs dt {
    width: 70%;
... but it is just breaking the field-data into another line.

Could you please post the whole CSS-change you have made in order to achieve a bigger width for the columns ?

Many thanks!


Well-known member
set this:

.contactInfo, .aboutPairs - set to 730px
.contactInfo dt, .aboutPairs dt - set to 30%
.contactInfo dd, .aboutPairs dd - set to 70%

it should work.... do you use fixed with? if the answer is yes, how much width?