I messed up


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So I purchased a licence this morning - yay.

Immediately realised I'd paid for it with the wrong PayPal account - doh.

I didn't register my site or download the software so I submitted a ticket asking for that purchase to be refunded so I could purchase a new licence.

The licence I bought has been removed from my account, no sign of a refund though. I can't view my support ticket now because I "must have at least one up-to-date license to access this page".


Not really sure what to do. Happy to purchase the licence from the correct PayPal account first as long as I can get my original licence cost back.



Chris D

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Hi Case,

I'm sure things will be sorted pretty quickly.

Jake Bunce and Slavik here both have access to support tickets, but they may need one of the owners to do the financial stuff for you.

To accelerate things, you might want to also raise a support query using the Contact Form, referencing this thread for more information: http://xenforo.com/contact/


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Cheers guys.

I'll wait it out for a bit before bothering them again. Probably just me being a bit eager to get my hands on a new toy!