XF 2.2 i have issue to delete add-on


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Good Day support,

i have issue to delete one add-on and i got error in my forume after deleted

after delete Fourm istatistik add-on i got below issue , its by arabic and it's mean ( Unexpected error, please try again later )

also while i try to unstall it, it's show me the below issue

it's by arabic and it's mean:
Excuse me! We ran into some problems.
This status cannot be uninstalled. This is likely because required files are missing.
Correct this is what i did, install old version ( [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system 3.1.5 ) and it's working fine as the attached photo


but in the add-on main page still show me version 4.0.5

but the question how to remove it completely?
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