I have a lot of questions... Any help?


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OK, I have alot of questions to ask and was wondering if you guys could help me? I really love XenForo and was thinking of purchasing!

1. How do I protect a forum by requiring a user to be a specific user group (Is it even possible to have user groups)

2. How do I get a homepage for the forum and a link to my main site (Like Bukkit, they have latest news on a page, then you can go to the forum to post stuff)

3. How many free themes are there?

4. How easy is it to use and create forums and manage them?

5. Will I get support from XenForo after my purchase?

6. Is there a way to get a discount or money off? (I am broke :( )


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1. Yes.
2. There are portal addons available, like XenPorta and CTA Featured Threads.
3. A lot. See the Resources tab.
4. You can get your forums set up within clicks. Try the demo to see for yourself.
5. Yes; You are entitled to one year of priority support plus software updates and lifetime community support here.
6. No.