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I GOT A CAT!!!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Matthew Hawley, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member

    I got a cat! We just brought him home 30 min ago. I will post a picture when he's out. He hiding behind my sister's bed... He came out a little bit but went back.

    He is black and SO FLUFFY. He's got soooo much fur, and hes sooo cute! :love:

    We haven't got a name for him yet.
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  2. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Flat? :p

    Just an inside joke between me and some cat lover friends. I'm a dog person (although we have had 3 cats - all of which THOUGHT they were dogs!).
  3. Static-Xbox

    Static-Xbox Active Member

    Cats are awesome. Congrats :)
  4. TomaszW

    TomaszW New Member

    What about XenForo? ;)
    Just kidding.
  5. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    We gotta see a pic or it never happened. :p
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  6. Janmaat

    Janmaat Active Member

    What about XenCat? :D

    Congrats! I love cats and have two of them :)
  7. Cal

    Cal Well-Known Member

    Cats are cool. Is it a boy or a girl? Boys tend to be a lot more playful in my experience. We have one guy who's 4 years old, big farm cat, but he thinks he's a kitten still.
  8. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member

    He's a boy.
  9. mcatze

    mcatze Well-Known Member

    Congrats .. I have an 4 years old cat and he is still cute .. :D
  10. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member


    There he is!!!
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  11. Static-Xbox

    Static-Xbox Active Member

  12. Matthew Hawley

    Matthew Hawley Well-Known Member

    fluffy.jpg Here he is again! :love:
  13. Sheratan

    Sheratan Well-Known Member

    Watch out. I can see he is planning something. Maybe he's trying to take control of your xenforo account, then xenforo it self, and then the rest of the world. :cautious:
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  14. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

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