I Finally Proposed to my Girlfriend! Video...


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I wasn't sure of posting this or not but here it goes. I finally proposed to my girlfriend on Nov 24th, flew out to meet her father to ask for his blessing in Spanish (as im still learning heh)....afterwards it all took place at The Grove in Los Angeles.Thought i'd share, the rest after her father is English.



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The audio makes it difficult to hear the actual proposal. But wow! This is so touching. I have tears in my eyes. And how sweet = Wonderful world!? Anyway wow! CONGRATULATIONS. Here's wishing the two of you the happiest of matrimonies!


((oh - I'm just crying... Stop crying Jacquii! This is so touching and sweet!!!))


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Congrats to the both of you. Pretty romantic and lovely looking couple. Enjoy your life together.

Adam Howard

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Congratulations. Treat each other with love, understanding, and respect.... And whatever life could possible throw at you, will take care of its self. Best of luck, long life, and good health to the both of you.