I feel sorry for the Vbulletin brand.


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I purchased a VBulletin license back in 2002, our forum has been running on VBulletin ever since then, so 8 years as of September this year.

And in all those years, before IB took over the Vbulletin brand, I was happy, very happy with Vbulletin, it was a rock solid product, had great support and the pricing was reasonable for such a professional product.

Then came Internet Brands, the borg of the website/forum world and for the first time in 8 years, I have absolutely no idea where to go.

I truly believe that ever since Internet brands took over, the product has gone down hill ever since, it was released to early and if anything, is still a beta quality product.

It's the first time in the 8 years I've run a forum that I haven't upgraded right away and a year? after release, VB 4.0.7 still feels like a beta build of what once used to be a quality, professional solution.

I feel sad, sad that the notorious Internet brands' reputation of destroying communities/sites/forums, happens to infact, be true after all.

Vbulletin, "The most powerful forum software available", I believe that was the case, 1-2 years ago.


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My story is very similar. I am stuck in a vBulletin prison I cannot escape from and I have no upgrade path for quite a long time.


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It is called "mean business", I guess we need to blame the vB founders for selling the company to Bob Brisco without conducting proper due diligence.


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It is called "mean business", I guess we need to blame the vB founders for selling the company to Bob Brisco without conducting proper due diligence.
The fault isn't with the founders - they sold it partly because they had need to and partly because they believed the product would be well cared for - the fact it wasn't isn't their fault.


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vB4 is only powerful in features. Not in UI, stability, security and support.
I agree, it's a shame that even the features don't work properly though. (Search for example)
I just find it sad that VB has gone downhill so fast, heh.


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know how you feel been using vB since version 1.x in 2000, 10 yrs ! sad it has come to this

to be fair vb 4.0.5+ is actually pretty good but the direction IB management is taking from their actions, has really disappointed me.

luckily xenforo is here now


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I have two licenses for vB 4 Suite. I used one for a start up forum. I have never really gone live with it. I intended to change it to Invsion Power but I'm going to go with Xenforo now. As soon as it feels stable, it will be live. BTW, the forum I have had running since 2005 on vBulletin is still running fine. I refuse to take it beyond 3.8.

Heck, I have had it on the server since last night. It already has a better track record than vB 4!



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I got off the vB bandwagon when they pulled that high pressure gimmick to get us to buy vB 4.0 before it was actually even in beta.

But the original vB seems to have been reincarnated here on xF so by supporting xF you're actually supporting the folks that made the original vB such a success.

I don't feel one bit sorry for vB/IB in that it is not the same company and brand that ruled the Internet forum world for so long. They are only a shell of what vB/Jelsoft used to be. It's not the same product and the staff is pretty much clueless as to how to develop a product that is actually functional and innovative at the same time. Enter xF which is all that and we're still in the early stages :)


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They are hosted by IB, I thought there was a relationship
I think it's like this: vB Solutions/IB doesn't allow the use of 'vbulletin' in a domain name unless it's officially approved by them. So vbulletin.org can only exist under approval of the owners of vbulletin.com. vbulletin.org has no form of income, so financially they also depend on their big brother (hosting costs). Other than that, the administrator does not get paid (his own words) and thus the site seems to have some level of independency.