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Hello there,
I am desperate (no that dramatic) for a XenForo license. However I do not currently have the money to buy one and I do not like to use paypal. There for I have a bit of a problem… Even if I did use paypal (which I could) the process of getting cash online is sooooo slow! Any way I am wondering if anyone would have any jobs that I could do that would earn a license? Any jobs or any ways of payment willbe considered.
I was wondering if anything like this
I have come up with a plan that may suite both of us as well as earn you 380 dollars
What it comes down to is you are my sponsor for my site. Your part will work much like an investor who paid to set up a company, I will pay you back with interest or any amount up to 500$. So here is my plan:
1. You will need to buy the license.
2. I set up the forum

3. I install the "ads" plugin for XenForo you set up whatever you want with the ads, or tell me what you want and we channel all income to your paypal account.
Payback methods:
1. I pay you something from 140-500 dollars without any interest (If interest is absolutely needed I would consider it)
2. I pay you the 140(150) WITH interest (You decide what a good amount is.)
You will still have custody over the license until I have paid off the amount after that the license needs to be turned over to me. You will have a Super Admin account (You will have access to as much of the ACP as I will. If you want we could even set up an arrangement where I don’t have as much permission as you (only what is necessary to manage the forum) and then I take control of the super admin positions after the payment line has been met.
This plan is very much discussable so feel free to discuss it
Would interest you… Any way I am open to all types of jobs anything you throw at me will be considered or I could act like the billboard and pay my way by ads.

P.S. if you are interested in the "adds/billboard idea" you could always sell the license (I don't really know if this is allowed, is it?) if things are not working out...


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I might be down for something like this, but it would really depend on what type of site is being run. Tell us more about the type of forum you plan on creating (ie, is it a site about cats? gamer? military? rabid monkeys?).


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Trading is not permitted on the forum so I'm closing this thread.

There are other sites better suited to this sort of post.
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