Hyperlinks only from established members to avoid spammers?


Hi there,

I have quite a problem with Linkbuilders and SEO-motivated users that register, post some topics with links in it and leave. To solve the problem

  • How can I set a minimum number of posts required (e.g. 10) for users and a condition that only when this number is met Hyperlinks can be set in their posts?
  • Advanced - can I also add a condition to that which requires 3 likes from other users before Hyperlinks will be possible?
Thanks a bunch,
best, Simon

Chris D

XenForo developer
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What the spammers don't realise is that all hyperlinks they post contain the rel="nofollow" attribute so it has absolutely no benefit to SEO as even if you leave the URLs there - Google doesn't follow them.

How to achieve what you're asking, though, isn't a Style or Customization question. This would ideally need to be posted in the Add-On Requests forum.


Hi, I know that these links are nofollow-but the spammers keep spammin :) The only thing that would stop them is to see that posting links is impossible. You are right - its more an add-on (please feel free to move it to the add-on-section).