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Lack of interest Hyperlink Identity Services


Well-known member
i think that maybe is better if the facebook and twitter contacts are linked to the their respective accounts. i think that this can be done easily ... :)


Well-known member
yes what i mean is this: the forum should be the starting point for all members' web connections ... so if you want you can follow a member anywhere from here .... easily and automatically ... (not with the beloved cut and paste, but just with only a mouse click)


Well-known member
Further integration would be awesome, as well! Such as being able to login through Twitter for posting on a Xenforo site.

I like that Facebook is a part, already. If we can just get Twitter/OpenID in here, it would be a dream!


Well-known member
The info is under the Information tab in your profile. However, I do agree that the name for each should be clickable.