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Unmaintained Html5 video and audio attachment Player (mp3, mp4, ogg,webm,wav)

Embed attachment uploads in your thread.

  1. Epi

    Epi Member

    Epi submitted a new resource:

    Simple html5 video and audio attachment Player (mp3, mp4, ogg,webm) - Embed attachment uploads in your thread.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. zoldos

    zoldos Well-Known Member

    This is awesome!! Thanks! :)
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  3. oO5 Dynasty

    oO5 Dynasty Well-Known Member

  4. silverSl!DE

    silverSl!DE Member

    nice hack
    is there an easy way to embed mov files, too?
  5. Epi

    Epi Member

    What about it? profiles don't support attachment uploading I believe.

    Nope you need to integrate a flash (jwplayer) with that, but flash is dead anyways and smartphones don't support flash... mostly.
  6. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that this approach could be used to add a XFMG audio player for mp3, ogg, mpg, wav.
  7. Freelancer

    Freelancer Well-Known Member

    Not able to get .mp4 or any other video files to be shown. The player is displayed but the video is not shown. Clicking on the video link in the browser inspector brings up a 404 error. With MP3 sound files it works perfectly. Is it a problem with XF link system for attachments?

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