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Html5 video and audio attachment Player (mp3, mp4, ogg,webm,wav)

Unmaintained Html5 video and audio attachment Player (mp3, mp4, ogg,webm,wav)

Compatible XF 1.x versions
First off, a big thank you @jacko @Cezz who did the hard part here:

I would have posted this in his thread but got archived.

This is a quick and easy way to play audio and video file attachments in your forum instead of downloading it.
Jacko did a great job but for...
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I don't know how I missed seeing this for so long, but I just tripped across it and performed the template modifications as instructed.

WOW, what a fast & easy way to add mp3/mp4 attachments to your forums. Thanxx for taking the time to explain and post this information. Works Great!
Thank you for this code! I was searching for this play option for long! Now i hope there will be improvements for it. Will this also work wel for mobile/ responsive design?
Thanks for the great rating. Yeah it works on mobile with chrome. It should work with apple also. It's responsive since the css was changed to 100%.