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Well that rule you have in place, will look for ANYTHING in the / directory, regardless of filename or extension type, and will redirect it to your community directory.


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It means no matter what you type in, it will forward to your /community directory.

Just move your robots.txt to your /community directory.
Will try when I get home - will it serve the same purpose with robots in that folder as apposed to the root? I think that redirect was given to me by @Jake Bunce - can't I just change, remove or correct it to work properly?
If you're trying to go to yoursite.com/robots.txt with the redirect, it won't work no matter what.

If you have your robots.txt file in your /community directory, it will be fine. The search engines will still see it.

Search engines don't know where your home directory is, so they are going to look for the first instance of robots.txt which, with the redirect, will be in your /community directory.

If you're still wanting to put the robots.txt into your root directory, then you can use a META REFRESH instead of an .htaccess redirect.

In your root directory, edit a file called "index.html", and in that file, put the following code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL='http://www.yoursite.com/community'" />
That way, when you go to www.yoursite.com/robots.txt it will be there.

Just be sure to remove the redirect in your .htaccess file if you choose to do this. Also, you'll have to add "community/" to all of your disallow links so the search engine knows not to look at the links/directories listed in your /community directory.
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