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Unmaintained HSXen Find New Posts Filter 1.0

Ignore forums in find new posts page

  1. hoangstark

    hoangstark Member

  2. hoangstark

    hoangstark Member

  3. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Exist already an option in XenForo, but your add-on is more speed for use ;)

    hoangstark likes this.
  4. hoangstark

    hoangstark Member

    Thanks for your feedback, in next version, I will add an filter for Global RSS Feeds ;).
  5. Tungsten

    Tungsten Member

    It would be a godsend if you or someone else would make a mod like this that allows the *users* to choose what forums show up in their New Posts search.
    phtvs, 51463 and tonnyz like this.
  6. tonnyz

    tonnyz Member

    +1 (y)
  7. gtluke

    gtluke Member


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