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When the hScroller is on an element, it appears to be overlaying certain parts of the elements below making it so you can't click them.

Adding this to extra.less:

    padding-top: 0;

Will make it so you can't click the breadcrumb links.

Or... if you upload an attachment, part of the "attach files" button is not clickable. Uploading a bunch of files, you can actually control the slider while your mouse is over the insert multiple button.

That gif was taken on this site using Chrome Version 105.0.5195.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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I can confirm this. As far as I can see the root cause for this problem is the attempt to hide scrollbars with margin/padding tricckery while keeping scrolling active via overflow-x: scroll.

Short of using non-standard CSS (which might not work in every browser) or workarounds like adding enough margin to elements below scrollers I think the only realy solution would probebly be to do scrolling entirely in JavaScript and set overflow-x: hidden.
I'm experiencing this quite a bit on my site on various buttons such as when near the top navigation bar, insert images, post reply button, etc. Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows.
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