Hows Comes no use ze Notices ?

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People learn to ignore them. They work well the first few times, but after that... they just ignore them. Whether they close it out or not it's just a few inches of space on the site that you'd skip like an advertisement.

That's why I rarely use notifications. I am using them on my gta site and got mild results, but not by much :p

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I think I'm having a bad day.
Some days it's hard for me to care one rats ass about the world.
Today is one of them.
This is what threw off my day today.

Since then, my predominate thought was Evolution obviously made some really bad errors and the world should end (ideally we'd re-evolve into something useful).

I figure the only thing that would help me care about anything was to hear your thoughts about Notices.

Please reconsider.
Wait, that sounds bad.


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oh what the heck since I


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