XF 2.2 How XF could handle a 450M posts board?


I'm currently thinking about doing a migration from an tweaked vb3.8.12 to XenForo 2.2.

It's a big-board with 865k members, 6M threads and 454M posts.
I haven't seen any board of this size running XF, largest one I have seen is IGN with about 150M posts. This would be 3x bigger.

What do you think about it? XF will be able to run a board like this without problems or complex tweaking required?

Now with old vb3 site is superfast, because hardware is powerful and we are currently using kubernetes, redis, nginx...
With the proper hardware it shouldn't be a problem.

You'll be able to do guest page caching using either disk or Redis, which will reduce database load significantly. Same with a lot of other data normally fetched from the DB, it can be cached. I recommend the Optimized List Queries addon, which handles the small number of queries that need tweaking for huge boards.

Also, since you'll be able to run PHP 8, the site will benefit from it's speed improvements. Personally I prefer Litespeed for huge loads because it scales as well as Nginx but does it with a far smaller memory foot print, but Nginx will do the job.
The issue is going to be the time it takes to import that many posts from a different database, but once they are in XenForo it should be fine.

This doesn't directly help you with that since it was built for XF 1.1 over a decade ago, but maybe a general concept to explore for you:

It was an importer I made when we migrated from vBulletin to XenForo. It effectively bypassed the XenForo import system and made a multithreaded import system that just exported the tables from vBulletin to text files, manipulate them as needed in Linux directly and then loading them into the new database with MySQL's normal LOAD DATA INFILE. MySQL's ability to load tables from a text file is MUCH faster because you are bypassing the entire application layer.
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