How would I do this?


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In trying to see if I'm going keep XF as my main forum so I have a quick question. Is it possible to create a header indentical to my website with all the menus of my website working? If possible, how much do you think this would cost me to have done?


Without knowing your site I would say unless it is something crazy it should be rather easy to integrate your main site to the forum.



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Thank you Kevin. I take an imagine of my header and place in XF, but linking all my menu buttons isn't possible without sufficient tech knowledge. To compound things, I'm using a WYSIWYG web builder.

Adam Howard

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Some of this would be easy and some of this would require a little work.

An example...

This could be done with XenForo pages with a few template edits to direct people to that page 1st and have that page direct them to the actual registration once they agree or send them some place else if they decline. So that part wouldn't be to hard... Of course the page would need to be designed to match, but again, not hard.

If you're looking for a quote, I would suggest posting this here