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No, phrases are intended to be changed and translated to suit a particular language. They will remain during upgrades. All you will have done is modified the language pack on your forum to replace phrase text "foo" with your new translation "bar". No big deal!


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Styling By Editing Templates

When implementing custom styling, it's not always possible to achieve the desired result just using Style Properties or CSS.
Sometimes it is necessary to edit the template.

The simplest way of applying a custom class is by editing the element and adding it like so:
Rich (BB code):
<div class="section threadList myCustomClass">
The myCustomClass class would then be defined in the EXTRA.css template, or any other...
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When experimenting with styles, it appears that the Style Properties could be used to disable elements using the css box at the bottom of the display. However, I do not know the context of that information when it becomes part of the code. What syntax is needed for the css there? Is the element already open so that I can just enter "display: none;" to hide the element the style information applies to?

I have installed two prefix addons and I want to disable the display of the div discussionListFilters.prefixFilterBlock.sectionMain.

I am looking at the style properties of Discussion List Filters > Prefixes box. I thought the reason for the css box was problems like this.

I have tried several different entries without success at hiding the div.


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You won't be able to hide a parent div by using display:none in a style property which is inside that div.

You will need to use EXTRA.css.