How To Stream A Video?


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I was thinking of having a Movie Night on our forums.. I would upload the movie to our server and stream it for our members.

I don't want downloading of the movie just watching it at a certain time.

Need help with the html portion of it:)

.avi file


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Well one simple idea you probably can use Jaxel's Media add-on . Make it public whenever you want to stream the movie .

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If you embed any media file within a website, regardless how you do it, that media can be downloaded through tools like: Video Download Helper

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Exactly... it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a video un-downloadable. Thats just not how the internet works. In order to watch a movie, you have to download it... whether its to a temporary folder, or a folder of the user's choosing is negligable.


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Use one of the many live streaming services
I've been looking for some video streaming service that allow me to embed directly to XF and allow direct file download from that embed.
Haven't found anything. Nginx has mp4 pseudo streaming module which I will utilize for the time being and served them via JW Player.