XF 1.4 How to stop spam links in User Profile > Information > "About"?


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I'm having users register just to add spam links to the User "About" section...

I checked, and it doesn't look like there's a permission item to control links there. Surprising, because it looks like I can control links in posts, signatures, and profile posts... this seems the only place users can post links without a permission to control it.

Too bad, because the easy way to solve this is just put newly registered users in a group where urls are disabled.

Any other way to deal with this?


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You can't control links in posts or profile posts out of the box -- that's an add-on. You can only control signatures like that.

The only permission that controls the about field is "Edit profile", which also controls other places that may contain spam (eg, the URL field).

Otherwise, the main option is really just vigilance.